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Dental A to Z

Dental A to Z

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Denplan Excel

Dentists who are part of The Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme have to satisfy a set of requirements before they are able to join. All are committed to the following Statement of Principles:

• Caring about patient feelings and listening and responding to their views and opinions.
• Being committed to the measurement of clinical effectiveness and oral health and ensuring that this is communicated back to patients, both individually and as a group.
• Knowing and fully recording the condition of the oral health of all patients and involving them fully in decisions involving their continuing care and treatment.
• Supporting patients and helping them to understand why certain treatments are being recommended with the aim of continuous improvement in oral health.
• Being committed to opening practice procedures to regular independent review and acting upon the results.
• Undertaking the most appropriate procedures and ensuring that both the dentists and practice team are up to date with the latest dental technology and customer care techniques.
• Promoting clinical excellence.